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The History

Years ago, Linda Crotta Brennan and Laurie Smith Murphy teamed up to organize a get-away for writers to have time together and to work on their craft. The first year started with five unpublished writers and has grown to include presentations and manuscript critiques by published authors, agents, and editors from prestigious agencies and publishing houses.


   Laurie and Linda ran the WPWR for many years, followed by a number of excellent directors, but when a new director was needed,  Lynda Mullaly Hunt's hand went up! She says it was one of the best decisions she ever made. Lynda directed WPWR for many years with help from Mary Pierce. They handed the reins to Julie True Kingsley and Cameron Kelly Rosenblum in 2016. 

   Julie and Cameron asked Kristin Russo and Pam Vaughan if they wanted to be the new co-directors for 2017. Kristin and Pam heeded Lynda's advice and they said, YES!

   Kristin Russo's effervescent personality brightened every day. However, due to increased teaching workload and upcoming writing commitments Kristin stepped down as the co-director.

Laurie Murphy & Linda Crotta Brennan

founders / Co-directors

Lynda Mullaly Hunt & Mary Pierce

Cameron Rosenblum  &   Julie True Kingsley

2016 Co-Directors

Kristin Russo       &     Pam Vaughan

2017  Co-Directors

Lynda literally "walking her talk" as she displays a fascinator with one of her themes: "Embrace the Journey."

(fascinator made by Hayley Barrett)

Julia Boyce 

Assistant Director  

Pam author headshot.jpg

  Pam Vaughan


2018 - Present 

20-year anniversary T-shirt

designed by Jennifer Thermes

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