Lynda Mullaly Hunt, author of FISH IN A TREE and ONE FOR THE MURPHYS

"The Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat is magical. You'll not find a more inspiring location, but it's the people that make it truly inspiring and the kind of writers' event that can raise your writing to the next level. My career began at this retreat and, no matter how busy my schedule becomes, I make it a  priority to return each year."

Linda Crotta Brennan, Co-Founder of Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat, author of WHEN RIVERS BURNED: THE EARTH DAY STORY, MARSHMALLOW KISSES & more

"Laurie Murphy and I founded the Whispering Pines Writers’ Retreat over twenty years ago, hoping to create a program where writers could receive professional feedback in a rustic, intimate setting. I still return every year for the insightful comments (on my manuscript), workshops and to nurture professional connections which have furthered my career. But more precious than any of that are the lifelong friendships I’ve forged there. The Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat is a mystical, magical place, buoyant with the joy of creating."

Laurie Murphy, MG writer, Co-Founder of Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat

"The Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat is a writer’s paradise. It’s a weekend filled with inspiring talks, one-on-one critiques, and networking in a casual setting. In the midst of pine trees surrounding a lovely pond, the spot is ideal for rejuvenating the creative muses. From the inviting fieldstone fireplace in the living room, to the outdoor campfire for late night s’mores, this popular retreat continues to attract writers, editors, and agents alike. If you’re looking for a unique experience with supportive mentors, fabulous food, and an idyllic setting, you need to look no further than the Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat."


Rachel Orr, agent, Prospect agency

"I absolutely loved the Whispering Pines Writers’ Retreat! I learned a lot from the other speakers, and also had the chance to connect in meaningful ways with several writers and faculty members, whom I’ve remained in touch with ever since. I also have fond memories of chatting with writers in one of the rustic cabins (over a crackling fire!) about craft and work and life. The weekend was motivating and the attendees and mentors were able to connect as people, which is what this business is really all about. (Oh, and did I mention the scenery was beautiful, too?) The Whispering Pines Writers’ Retreat was definitely a worthwhile experience that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to take their writing career to the next level.”


"The Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat is where I made my first real writing friends. It's where I got my first critiques on the manuscript that became AFTER THE WOODS. It's where I met my agent, Sara Crowe, and signed with her a month later. Attending the Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat was my first step toward taking myself seriously as a writer, and for that I will be forever grateful."

Kristen Nobles copy.jpg

Kristen Nobles, publisher, Page Street Kids

"In the truest sense of the word retreat, there are so many opportunities to withdraw from your day-to-day at Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat. Rest and relax, recharge and re-establish, all the while reinvigorating your writing amongst the warmest people in kid lit. And the trees… I must mention the trees! The storybook setting under the pine boughs is beyond inspiring and naturally facilitates meaningful conversations. I loved attending WPWR and cherish the connections I made with authors and other publishing colleagues during our time in the woods."

Hayley Barrett, author, BABY MOON and WHAT MISS MITCHELL SAW (Coming soon!)

"The Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat's charm is that it's both collegial and comfortable. Seasoned professionals as well as those just starting out will find friendly faces, engaging presentations, opportunities for quiet (and boisterous) conversation, and precious time to write. The retreat environment is restful and energizing. The food is as great as you've heard. You should go."



“The Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat is like a warm hug-- from the atmosphere to the participants, it’s pure joy...”


Karen Boss, editor, Charlesbridge

"The Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat is a fantastic weekend—good comradery, good learning, good food, and strong and energetic writers. It’s a wonderful community to be a part of!"

"I first discovered the Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat through the esteemed, generous, and talented writers Lynda Mullaly Hunt and Mary Pierce. Over the 6-plus years I’ve attended, Whispering Pines has continued to be an anchor for me. Writing is a solitary experience. WPWR gives attendees the opportunity to connect with the incredibly supportive kid-lit community and gain perspective and knowledge. I am so grateful to know the talented writers and artists that make the Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat so much more than simply a writing retreat." 

Jeanne Zulick Ferrulo, author, RUBY IN THE SKY, NE PEN Winner, SCBWI WIP Award Winner


Charlotte Wenger, editor, Page Street Publishing

"The Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat has a great energy. The locale is idyllic, but more importantly, everyone's excited to be there and soak in the experience. There's a wonderful sense of enthusiasm, support, and creativity throughout the whole weekend."

"The Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat is one of my all-time favorite retreats. In addition to hearing inspiring workshops and having thoughtful comments from writing and publishing professionals, I love the opportunity to see old friends, make new ones, and have a weekend with people who really get the challenges and joys of being a writer or illustrator. Add a beautiful setting and delicious food, and it's one of my favorite weekends for writerly inspiration!"

Annie Cardi, author of THE CHANCE YOU WON'T RETURN


"Due to Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat's small size and intensive format, participants have a true opportunity for growth in their creative lives. No one leaves WPWR unchanged."


linda camacho pic.jpg

Linda Camacho, agent, Galt & Zacker

"Between the terrific food and abundant talent, you're certainly nourished in more ways than one at the Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat !"

Jenny Bagdigian, YA writer

"There are many reasons to love the Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat. Wonderful people? Check. A beautiful setting? Yes. Inspiring mentors? Without a doubt. But the real reason to come? Your creative soul will stretch its wings and soar."

Sally Riley, SCBWI-RA EMERITUS, PB author

"When I first attended the Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat in 2003, I had no idea the effect it would have on my life. I honestly believe it played a very large part in my becoming a Regional Advisor for SCBWI. I look forward each year to this unique retreat to share a memorable experience with other children’s book writers and illustrators . . . and with the professionals who make it happen. Between the breathtaking location, the amazing inspiration for my writing, and the valuable interaction with other attendees (many of whom have become lifelong friends), I can’t imagine a year without the Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat ."

Sandy Budiansky, YA & PB writer

"The Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat is difficult to put into words. It's more than special, it's closer to delightful, maybe even enchanting. Being surrounded by nature and talented writers always inspires me. I go back year after year because it's a time for me  to focus on my craft, reconnect with friends, and make new ones. I  leave the weekend feeling motivated, enlightened, and ready to work!"

Tricia Lin headshot 2017.jpg

Tricia Lin, editor, Simon & Schuster

The Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat is a delight. Everyone is warm, kind, and receptive. The environment could not be more beautiful or peaceful, and is wonderfully conducive to spurring creativity. And of course, the food is pretty spectacular.”

Chris Friden, YA writer

"If you're an emerging author, you may not know that the Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat is exactly what you’re seeking:  an event that’s not too big or too small; a perfect mix of experienced writers and new talent; seminars on craft and workshops in which to share your writing; approachable agents, authors, and editors who are there to help the entire weekend, and all of this set in an inspiring setting with incredible food. There’s nothing quite like the Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat ."

Jennifer Thermes, author & illustrator, CHARLES DARWIN'S AROUND THE WORLD ADVENTURE, & more

"There's a magical feeling about the Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat that I can only describe as 'generous.' Maybe it has to do with the gorgeous setting on a lake in the pine woods, but for me it's always been a place to listen and learn about craft from fabulous mentors, as well as fellow writers and illustrators, in a warm and welcoming environment. It's truly a special weekend."

2485 sara.jpg

Sara Crowe, agent, Pippin Properties

"I have been lucky to attend WPWR twice. What I love about this conference is that it is a community, and is incredibly welcoming. The last time I attended, I saw many familiar faces, but also new attendees. There are published authors and brand new to querying authors, but they are all there with the same goal: to improve their craft. I love that the faculty has the opportunity to really get to know the writers they are mentoring, and I think it makes a huge difference for both the attendees and the faculty."

Brook Gideon, MG & PB writer, illustrator of AZALEA, UNSCHOOLED

"The Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat is the one conference I can’t miss every year. It’s full of great food, wonderful mentors, and fantastic friends—with excellent mentor meeting opportunities, all set by a beautiful lake amid the pines."


"A retreat, a charge, a think-tank, a party. The nicest people you'll ever meet, all full of enthusiasm and ready to help each other in a thousand ways. No attitudes, just loads of knowledge, inspiration, insight, and camaraderie from your peers and from amazing agent/editor guest stars, all in a lakeside lodge with great dining and service. This event has a well-deserved stellar reputation for balancing jolly fun with key networking connections in an intimate group. Great things happen here every spring!"


"Oh, Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat , you bewitch and ensorcel me with your beautiful setting, amazing mentors, delicious desserts and roaring fires! Seriously, if there is a magic recipe for perfectly inspiring, blissful writers' retreat weekends—WPWR has it. You really MUST go."

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 9.36.51 AM.png

Alison Weiss, editorial consultant, Alison Weiss Editorial

"The sense of community is fantastic, the enthusiasm, infectious. I felt so privileged to spend time with such talented members of the kidlit world."

Natascha Morris photo 2.jpg

Natascha Morriss, agent, BookEnds Literary

“The Whispering Pines Writers' Retreat was a lovely experience. Due to the intimate setting and the focus on a culture of collaboration, everyone was excited to learn and people formed relationships that extended far beyond the retreat.”